Green Living … Decor

Living in an urban environment certainly has its many advantages, but most of us city folk still pine for the great outdoors. And if weekend or vacation outings just aren’t enough, there are plenty of designers out there who have created ingenious green designs that bring tiny little pieces of nature into our homes and … Continue reading Green Living … Decor


Mithila or Madhubani, Naive Art style of Bihar

On a wall in the Delhi Crafts Museum, several years ago, I spot mural painting  in the Mithila folk style. This is traditionally an art form done by women, painted on the walls of houses, in celebration of major events such as births, marriages and festivals, are very common in teh sate of Bihar. The … Continue reading Mithila or Madhubani, Naive Art style of Bihar

Narural calamities inspire Artists

We do not run short of hearing happenings of natural calamities on a more regular basis for a couple of decades now. They are claimed to be the result of climatic change due to global warming. Some of these calamities have stunned the world by their might and destruction ratios. A few jumps to anyone's … Continue reading Narural calamities inspire Artists

Enter Eco Street Art, Exit Grafitti

Now this article might not please some people, but it has been found from clear evidence that Graffiti art is a pure form of expression of frustrated feelings towards the society in the form of art. Sometimes, it becomes a real creative expression which spells wonders, but at many, an easy way of violence and … Continue reading Enter Eco Street Art, Exit Grafitti

Injera – Ethiopia’s and Eritrea’s golden grain

I came to know about the famous Injera only 10 years ago after meeting some incredible Eritrean friends in the UK and Ethiopian one in Vietnam. With their country, culture and personality, I discovered the richness that inhabits the people of this majestic continent, often forgotten about in the name of poverty. And so blatantly … Continue reading Injera – Ethiopia’s and Eritrea’s golden grain