Traveling with not so basic comforts …


I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel frequently, both with my business and leisure, at other tagging along hub, or when we both take up a post somewhere. But the luxury of being able to visit and explore new cities as a part of my working lifestyle didn’t come naturally to me. I didn’t know if I enjoyed traveling or delecting my long hours designing at my desk. Travel came unasked for, unsought for, out of the blue like falling in love with a foreigner, getting hitched and resisting to leave one’s comfy cocoon and career to embrace the unknown. Many of my friends think I live this life of footlong days of bliss and luxury. I will lie if I said the contrary. But does not come without its drawbacks. Long hours of flying, passing through waiting in airports, to your new hotel room each time, I have lost count on how many beds I have slept in all these years. Nor how many new streets, people I have seen, whom I will never see again. I did not count what share of the world’s population I have seen as yet. How many plates of different foods I have eaten and how many useless trinkets of ‘souvenir’ I have bought, which all end up in a box in my loft.


One important thing about selecting a place to stay when traveling is to be able to reach to the virtual worlds that I live by and need to stay in touch with. Even when I’m on ‘holiday’ I still need to stay connected, so it’s great to see more and more hotels cottoning on to the nomadic working lifestyle of their guests. The modern, design-driven lifestyle boutique and chain hotels cater for this next-generation entrepreneurial traveller. A decent wifi connection is a must-have as much as a 25 cm deep mattress, extra good white crisp linen, hot shower and clean towels. A TV can get a miss but a fridge is important too when you have just landed in one of those hot and humid countries when you are expected to get into a quick shower and straight into a meeting. Nobody cares how many hours of jetlag your body is adjusting to, nor how many hours of sleep did you get in a 12 hr flight. You need to be as fresh and clear minded as you can be.

A decent clean, well designed hotel room can make it or break it. Fortunately, the travel industry is horned with some healthy competition at all levels. And quality is slowly turning out to be the beacon of any basic service one can give. If the luxury of a fabulous night’s slumber was not enough, you can get lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful travel set like Sofitel gives : sofitel travel set, featuring a folding my bed rectangular travel pillow and a mybed neck pillow by dumas presented in a specially designed bag.





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