As a traditional tea-time snack, they are lovely with a cup of tea and will do wonders in helping you to unwind. That and the fresh, country air. Welsh to be precise …

I happen to really love afternoon tea, that time when the day starts to wind down but isn’t quite over yet, that one cuppa and sweet treat to get you through until it’s time to shut-down your computer. Enjoy a sweep of fresh air, numb ear lobes, cold nose, all screaming for hot Welsh cakes! Well, this is exactly how it feels in South Wales.

The next time you think about making scones, perhaps you might like to try your hand at these Welsh cakes. Both recipes require more or less the same ingredients but, with Welsh cakes, you make something more like a shortcrust pastry which is then pan-fried on the stove. The texture is somewhat like a scone, but a bit more crumbly like a shortbread biscuit. They are wonderful served warm from the pan with just a sprinkling of sugar or even with some jam, but they also taste great cold.

I was rather surprised that I didn’t have a recipe for Welsh cakes in any of my cookbooks, but thankfully I picked up a postcard in Wales which had a recipe for it on the front, and I adapted accordingly.

download (1).jpegimages (6).jpeg



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