Lemon Drizzle Cake

This Lemon Drizzle Cake comes from Nigella Lawson, whose recipes  I have been cooking from for over 10 years. Some of the recipes are so good that I have made them over and over repeatedly to the detriment of trying out new recipes, asking friends who are more successful than me. But I was happy to have had a greedy excuse to try this Lemon Syrup Loaf Cake. I love this cake probably because it reminds me of my childhood favourite “Massepin,”  a shy cousin from Mauritius.  A couple of years ago, I was given a birthday cake by an ace baker friend of mine who never misses to surprise her clients by her pretty creations, Alicia Aslett ( luxurycakecreations ), and she made this most sumptious Lemon Drizzle cake. A close reminder of the one I like from Nigella.

The cake itself is very simple to put together and stays deliciously moist from the syrup which soaks into the cake. And due to the lovely moistness of this cake, it keeps for quite some time, staying fresh for even up to a week. (I think hubby was on a self-imposed diet which meant I was the only one tucking into this cake for morning tea each day.) I actually think the cake tastes best after a few days once the syrup has had time to do its work.

And if I were to make this cake again (which is very likely), I think I would reduce the amount of icing sugar in the syrup next time; I found the syrup to be a little too sweet for my liking and would prefer something a bit more tart. Or, as Nigella suggests, I might try a version with limes or even grapefruit next time.











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