Everyone thinks it’s the British who started the whole tea thing but…..
but in fact, according to reknown letter-writer, Madame de Sévigné (1626 to 1696), tea first arrived in Paris in 1636 (22 years before it appeared in England!) and quickly became popular among the aristocracy.
Even Marie-Antoinette took tea all the time. And it was a Frenchwoman, the Marquise de la Sablière, who initiated the fashion of adding milk to tea. “Madame de la Sablière took her tea with milk, as she told me the other day, because it was to her taste” reported Madame de Sévigné. By the way, the English delighted in this “French touch” and immediately adopted it. (am going to get seriously in trouble for saying this on FB)
Tea afternoon in the every crowded, busy in the Fauchon house on Champs Elysees. Always impeccably served but oh! so sweet a tea affair … I would prefer a refreshing savoury cucumber sandwich, but that’s the common man’s taste buds in me.5- FAUCHON TEA 2 MACARON TIERS 6 LADUREE PETIT DEJEUNER 7 INSIDE LADUREE 8 HIGH MACS


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