Enter Eco Street Art, Exit Grafitti

Now this article might not please some people, but it has been found from clear evidence that Graffiti art is a pure form of expression of frustrated feelings towards the society in the form of art. Sometimes, it becomes a real creative expression which spells wonders, but at many, an easy way of violence and deviance.

Being from Bristol where Graffiti art is the real mecca where all global artists converge and look for a place to poster their art, I should say, it is not a very nice thing to see explosions of anger and cynicism on your way each day you pass by it. Sometimes, it plays on your pscyche and make you feel more depressed on a dull gloomy day.

I have to celebrate artists like Banksy though, who through their expression have taken art to a different level. It has put Bristol on the world map of street art. The recent riots in the small part of the city however, gave way to other people to voice their outcry against tesco among the graffiti, making it all look a dubious place.

I recently stumbled upon Eco street art by Eco Green House. It is a marvel where eco themes have been created by artists in a greener definition of their art. This is an elogious endeavour to add some plants in the city, in corners where concrete is the ruler. If these expressions grow, we can have a greener, freshner look of cities around the world where nature can reclaim its place.

Graffiti art crimes are an inherent part of the urban jungle, each piece teetering on the wall of appreciation. Lately a form of street art is emerging that tips the scales towards applause and accolades.
Enter, ‘eco-street art.’
In a general sense, it is art that uses nature as a template, painting with various natural elements or adding extra awareness to the overlooked nature within the city. As this genre of art proliferates, I hope it will shine a spotlight on environmental issues and change the way we view our surroundings- possibly tightening our relationship with the natural world. Or at the very least, ignite a sense of wonder as we pass through our busy day.

Artist -unknown

Think outside the box. – An art project by Sean Martindale.
I love this piece of eco-art, it’s a great metaphor for our environment. ‘We can make things better, let the green ideas flow.’

‘Cheerleader’ By- Sandrine Estrade Boulet

An eco street art project created for the social networking movement, ‘Green Drinks’ and hosted by the ‘Eco Store’ in New Zealand.


Thanksgiving …. giving thanks !


To many Thanksgiving is about Turkey, Pumpkin and Merry !

We do not get to hear much about the thank you bit … even though we want to skip the historical or religious bit.

Thanksgiving is an alien festivity to me, unknown to someone from a faraway tropical island in the Southern hemisphere. But living now in my land of adpotion, I get to see the preparations and all the houlala about it. I like it. Not the consumerism though. If I should remember this time of the year, I would say it is one which makes me sad and hopeful with excitement at the same time. Sad to see the yellowing of the leaves which were once in all shades and hues of green, and graced the trees during Spring and Summer. Hopeful because I look forward to the new explosion of life after the Winter has passed.

Pumkin ! Yes that’s the colour that Thanksgiving embodies. And pumpkin do we eat !


I like the idea of this festival. To be thankful for the bountiful harvest. To thank everyone who has contributed to it. To celebrate friendship and kinship with a meal which nature offers us at this challenging time of the year. I do not want to don my boots on, but I keep my thoughts warm thinking how the rest of the animaldom is doing now, are they feeling cold ? are their paws warm enough? can their fleece, fur or feathers keep them warm enough. This is when humility rings a little bell to me, to respect the changing might of nature in the form of the seasons.


The thicks rusty orange blanket of musty leaves makes way to a hard cold earth to receive the lashings of Winter. At this time of the Season, a good hot meal is the most welcoming thing in the vision of most of us at the end of a long working day. So good to warm the hands holding a piping fragrant and comforting bowl of soup !

This year I shall give thanks over a Thanksgiving lunch. I am very excited ! Now, what shall I cook ? bake ? … my husband is being asked the hundreth time ” What shall I cook ?” to which he so diligently replies ” Something traditional Dear ” … maybe that is what I shall be doing…. or a flash of the last minute.

I have had some inspiring recipes ideas from “Thanksgiving Recipes and Menus” but if you look for new ways to do Thanksgiving food, there is a lot on the web !

Table decor is one aspect of my lunch and I like it simple but with a note of class, which I have been digging my brain about how and what to achieve.


Surely, I will be in the park looking for some conkers and cones along with some marvelously tinted leaves to churn out some design ideas to decorate the table. I should not forget the note for thanks !


On a different note I would like to thank all those who created this digital world to enable us to create, share and exchange. Many of us making our daily bread out of it, making it of us the virtual universe in which we exist, the possibility to extrapolate and show our ideas to the outside world, let … alone to ourselves !

Thank you All out there !

We need each other to make this work.

Instead of the one-way communications of the “old internet”, Web 2.0 is about each of us contributing to a much more interactive and informative network that consists of blogs, tweets, wikis, facebook posts, videos, pictures, and the comments and follow-up discussions that go with them.

We are the creators of the new internet.

The tools we use for the new web are called “Social Media” (think Social Studies, not Social Hour), and they have changed the world we live in.  Instead of sitting in a virtual “lecture hall” listening to a few websites do all the talking (think 1990’s), we are now all in a digital “convention hall” discussing amongst ourselves in one great conversation.

With such a level playing field, the new challenge is not the availability of information, but rather the hunt for the “good stuff”.

  • 30,000,000,000 items are shared each month on Facebook.com (official Facebook stats)
  • 2,890,000,000 tweets are posted on Twitter each month (official Twitter stats)
  • 200,000,000+ blogs had been started by 2009, with many more added each day (Technorati)

That’s a lot of content!

I have absolutely no idea how I would find the best of it without your help.  The content I need is a needle in a haystack without your sharing, liking, bookmarking, reblogging, commenting, and linking to it. Obviously search engines are part of the solution, but they need your help too.

That’s why “Sharing is Caring.”

Thank you Aaron Bierbert to share this note with us.

Thank you Mum to have made me. Thank you even though you are so far from me now. Maybe you are seeing me from your world.

Thank you to everyone around me who help me, listen to me, talk to me, love me, support me.

Thank you World to have created us and keep on sustaining us inspite of all the damage we do to You.

Happy Thanksgiving !