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Mauritian street food

All kids know the tingling of shaved ice with huge dollops of syrup to cool down on a hot Summer day in Mauritius. Shaved ice is found in many parts of the world even in Chile and Peru ! with a stick too.

As for dholl puri, there is a thick version in Up ( Uttar Pradesh) and they make it on Shakranti. I have eaten it. Trinidad’s version is more of a farata. I have eaten it too by the beach with fish curry. Rougaille Snoek is a typical provencal dish except that there they use salted cod. Recently while I was in the French Caribbeans, I made it for my French friends. In Vietnam and Cambodia, they eat all variety of leafy greens in a clear broth stock of garlic and ginger. I have eaten bouillon bredes chouchou, giraumon, cresson, patate douce, manioc etc, in Vietnam. As for chatini coco and cotomili, they are also found in India and Trinidad as well as Guyana. Actually I ate dholl puri, giraumon, carri pomme de terre et gros pois in Georgetown, Guyana ! But among all I think the mauritian samousa is unique. Halim is also different from similar soups, there is a Tunisian one resembling it, I had it while in Paris. I cannot remember the name, but it is in 20eme. The restaurant. While in Istanbul, I had a similar one there too but with much red lentils and served with plain yoghurt. The seven curries served in traditional hindu weddings sadly has its sister in Trinidad, along with takkar too ! The best example of a typical mauritian dish is probably the briyani. No version is any close to the local one. Not even the best hyderabadi one … another almost extinct institution is probably the gajacks that are served in local ‘taverne’ in Mauritians. Algoo knows probably what I am talking about. If any Port Louisian is on board, the should know about ‘l’hotel pakistan’ and its famous snacks, one of them being catelesse poulet on a stick. There is a close Vietnamese version I came by but it did not have the same spices. Tamarind juice is found in SE Asia. The basic massala spices of local mauritian curries is unmatched with its alike. The flavour is unique. The massaley in Reunion comes close … and recently while in the French Caribbeans, had the local dish there : goat curry with pigeon peas and rice washed down by the local beer ‘ President’ ! Tekwa is typical mauritian too and the best I have eaten is at the UoM canteen.

But nothing beats a homemade one !

Thanks to my friend who visited me recently, I had a bag full of home made tekwas to last a week. Will it ?

How to start the New Year ?

It is the time of year where many people will attempt to develop their New Year’s resolutions. Whether you have one resolution or a thousand, wouldn’t it be a fabulous accomplishment to be able to say to yourself that 2010 was the year you stopped dreaming about accomplishing your resolutions and started to do them?

Dreaming about what you want to get done is not a bad thing, but many of us seem stuck in the days after January 1st thinking about losing weightstarting a business, or saving more of our income instead of making it happen.

To help you start the New Year right, here are 6 ways I have thought of that you make 2010 a year of doing instead of a year of dreaming:

Change Your Mental Map
In the article, “Leading Again for the First Time,” Dr. Chip Souba makes the assertion that “Sustainable success begins with transforming people first by changing their mental maps and thought patterns.” In my studies of success, the people that are most successful are the ones that change their perceptions of what they can do and as Dr. Souba said, change their mental map.

When you change your mental map, you are not changing what you believe to be true or false, right or wrong, but you are changing how you perceive success in accomplishing your goals. Many of us fall into the trap of thinking that our past failures signify future failures. That is a mental map we have created that has now defined our future. When we change our mental map, we realize that our past failures do not define our future and that we can accomplish the goals we set this New Year.

2010 in review

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