Stone House Renovation in France

This has taken me a couple of years to write and I still think I am not ready but I will give it a go.

After years of searching for our little corner in sunny South of France, we found one. Not before visiting countless houses, ruins and exhausting all the estate agents books in each town we visited. France spells a magic that weaves uncontrollably over you as soon as you step on the soil. The air suddenly feels different. The grub looks more appealing. Why am I saying that ? but yes, I agree. We are not the last to fall in love with a dilapidated house in France and dream of living in it.

Are we insane ? No. We are passionate about life in France.

But insane, we are. Why ? because I fell in love with a stunning house completely charred by a big fire. The rustic 15th century lime stones which stood unscathed just blew my common sense. And it beckoned me. Come and get me ! And so, I did putting all my mind to the pros and cons and debating it over my dear husband who was horrified at the tasks awaiting. Still is.And we bought our stone house in France !.


2 thoughts on “Stone House Renovation in France

  1. Hello,

    I’m very interested in “la suite” of your blog about renovating a stone house in France. Myself I’m looking into buying one but don’t know what to expect. Please give me more insider’s pros and cons as you know of. I’d be delighted to hear more from you. Thanks, Deb

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