Stone House Renovation in France

This has taken me a couple of years to write and I still think I am not ready but I will give it a go.

After years of searching for our little corner in sunny South of France, we found one. Not before visiting countless houses, ruins and exhausting all the estate agents books in each town we visited. France spells a magic that weaves uncontrollably over you as soon as you step on the soil. The air suddenly feels different. The grub looks more appealing. Why am I saying that ? but yes, I agree. We are not the last to fall in love with a dilapidated house in France and dream of living in it.

Are we insane ? No. We are passionate about life in France.

But insane, we are. Why ? because I fell in love with a stunning house completely charred by a big fire. The rustic 15th century lime stones which stood unscathed just blew my common sense. And it beckoned me. Come and get me ! And so, I did putting all my mind to the pros and cons and debating it over my dear husband who was horrified at the tasks awaiting. Still is.And we bought our stone house in France !.


Artfront – Fund raising through art

Artfront is now another blog that I am hosting powered by WordPress. It is an idea from a fellow ex uni class mate to put up an art show.  Picking up on the idea, we are taking the challenge of bringing our skills to raise funds through art shows across Europe. The mains aims are to develop and fund projects which will focus on children who have more challenges but fewer opportunities in life. We are thinking about children living in slum areas, orphans, children of prostitutes or children whose parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol anywhere in the world.

This a dream come true as an extension to my first experience in Delhi some 20 years ago. When I was a student at the Art institute there and had to work on a campaign on Child Labour and Prostitution. It took me to the streets of Old Delhi where I discovered a world of utter despair among an outer world of poverty. That of juvenile prostitution. Where I saw a child exchanging sexual favours for a small paper bag of street munchies. That was it. It got etched into my mind and heart. And I started understanding the meaning of poverty. This venture of ours is only a small extension of our limited powers of individuals who believe in a certain cause. That of children living in appalling conditions.

The course of my career took a positive turn at som epoint when I started working for UN agencies and traveling to post conflict areas acros the globe. Since, taking leisure moments to reflect upon some positive actions I can bring about in my daily life has allowed me to ‘rest’ my mind from unnecessary demands of the material world to a more peaceful one of contentment in the smaller joys of life.

This show will allow us to dwelve into our own persuits to make a practical contribution to a cause to help alleviate poverty hunger, war, conflict, sexual exploitation, abuse and psychological traumas.

Pl check our blog : or follow the link on the side bar.

World Aids Day

I am a few days late to post this, but upon reflection, I think it is the right time to do so. As it is away from the main day when people have to remember about Aids, but doing so on a daily basis with enough awareness to protect oneself and support others who are affected by this terrible disease of the 21st century.

It reminds me of a recent conversation I had a few days ago with a friend. About a friend of hers who died from AIDS. And how the family was defensive about it and to protect their own position, told the rest of the world that their brother had cancer. Instead of accepting the idea of having Aids and the social stigmas that still keep growing each day in each community everywhere in the world.  In many societies, it is considered shameful to have AIDS…. It is OK to have cancer and die of it. I still cannot accep the candour and hypocrisy with which men behave towards their own loved ones when faced by this disease.

Anyway, I should carry on living my own little insignificant life thinking that somewhere, someone might be counting the numbers of months, days, hours, … minutes of life left to them. I should spare a thought to them now …. and at all times I can remember.


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