Tahaan – A story of Innocent love for one’s pet

I have to make a brief post about this little gem of a movie. Technically excellent, with a heart gripping story and realistic performances by a power house of artists, this movie not only moves you but warms the heart. It is very deep as an insight into what has become of a fertile, lush valley legendary of its beautiful people and landscapes.
Along with strife, for decades now, children have been left with destruction, despair and utter bewilderness for what they cannot comprehend in their little life. With a great heart full of childhood innocence, the main protagonist of the movie is all set to get back his beloved pet.
A donkey.

Tahaan directed by ace cinematographer Santosh Sivan, is an excellent piece of film making. On a little scale, he puts this vast canvas of Kashmir. It has been ages since we saw Kashmir like this. My God !! What we are missing… After Dil Se, in which Santosh had captured beautiful Ladakh in his lense, here he beautifully uses his brush to color the canvas of the screen. Its like reading a fable from our school time story cupboard.

The Fog and smoke creates ‘wow’ visuals on screen. Love it.

Naturally, the story is somewhat based on militants and army. But moreover its a story about Tahaan – the central character’s quest to get back his beloved donkey, Birbal. And over this quest He gets to see and learn many things. Also a surprise too….Purav Bhandare who plays Tahaan, gives absolutely heart warming performance. Below is one of the scene, I loved of him.

Victor Banerjee as his grandpa is in a short but again touching performance. He reminded me of my childhood when we used to listen stories from my grandpa.

Sarika is always a delight to see on screen. She is mute mother of Tahaan. And she does talk with her eyes a lot.

Anupam Kher whose role I thought would be negative, but I was wrong. And again his character is well written and he performs well. And, who else can talk about pain of Kashmiri Pundits than him?

Rahul Bose, in an unusual one, is also too good. Everyone, just everyone has given a top notch performance. Even Rahul Khanna in his 5 mins. appearance, reminded me of the old time ‘lalas‘ [ala Mother India].

And above all, the endearing performance of Birbal-the donkey.

Technically this movie is so brilliant. Everything from production design to cinematography to outstanding sound design, is just too perfect. I loved these two little scenes with some lovely folk music.

All in all, its a must must see movie.

And lastly, here are some screencaps of the movie, featuring lovely people of Kashmir.


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