New Year – Old Meaning ?


Well, New Year is nearly here …

Am I feeling any different by the approach of a new year ? no. Many things have changed for me and life has taken a drastic turn, guess New Year has already started for me. Nothing will be the same again. One page turned, like a year gone by. New Year’s resolutions ?. Yes. Many. This time I have to stick to them. Hence, blogging would go on with limited period of inactivity. One way to make sure that the tradition of New Year lives on. Improve on what we can do. Not that I am a prolific blogger, but the grey cells get their share of acitivity too. Whatever way you choose to celebrate the New Year, it is the novelty of things we all look forward to.

Hence, Happy New Year to ayone who happens to pass by this blog.

May all your wishes come true.


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