Why I love Paris !


I love Paris… because of the

  • the brightly lit streets and boulevards
  • crossing the Seine and sunworshipping on the bateaux mouches
  • the white walls of Notre-Dame
  • the marches aux puces
  • homemade French baguette in hand
  • from the nearby boulangerie
  • accordeon players serenading lovers
  • Canal Saint Martin and its colourful shops
  • grabbing a filled baguette on Chaussee d’Antin’s small cafes
  • watching the latest flick at Gaumont cinema on Champs Elysees
  • stopping at the cafes in Gambetta
  • to enjoy a drink and watch people go by
  • scooping the sweet Tunisian pastries
  • endless trips to Mango and Etam
  • having ’tisane’ under the coupole of Le Printemps at Boulevard Haussman
  • watch bulky Americans wade their way through the crowds
  • sitting and reading in the garden of the Luxembourg or Tuilleries
  • enjoying a Magum au chocolat in the sun
  • walking down the narrow ‘passages’ near the Sorbonne
  • enjoying Deborah and hubby taking the velib for a ride
  • watching them getting annoyed when the ticket is invalid
  • straining my neck from watching facades of buildings
  • taking the toy train to Montmartre
  • having a leisurely stroll at  Place du Tertre
  • visiting each sexshop in  Pigalle
  • pretending to be interested by the cheap stuff made in China
  • shamefully crashing in an Irish pub for a long beer
  • feeling oversized when trying Lingerie
  • finding treasures at the Paris fleamarkets
  • browsing at the Marche aux Puces St Ouen
  • having lunch at Chez Louisettelistening to Edith Piaf’s renditions
  • strolling at Pere Pere Lachaise cemetry and reading epitaphs
  • and the crowd of Porte de Clignancourt
  • taking short Metro rides
  • walking the steep steps of  Montmartre
  • the shop windows of Printemps and Galeries Lafayette
  • shopping at Sephora with Deborah on Champs Elysees
  • enjoying the best confections, like macarons Daloyau
  • wrapped in exquisite packaging at Lafayette Gourmet
  • standing the crowd of the ‘soldes’
  • visting art galeries and exhibitions
  • listening to stand up comedians and jazz clubs
  • watching the Eiffel tower lit at night from the lawns of Champ de Mars
  • loving all the time spent with Deborah
  • endless days of us trying new ways of French manicures
  • funny stories of  medical practice
  • and the laughter we share as being in Paris
  • running and catching the metro
  • rushing home after a vain hedonisic day shopping at Galeries Lafayette
  • hopping over the crottes on the streets
  • and aching feet from a long day !

5 thoughts on “Why I love Paris !

  1. oh comme c’est joliment ecrit tout ça , a tres bientot peut etre pour de nouvelles aventures avec une Deborah plus déchainée que jamais … il y aura des virées shopping, du bon vin ( meme si tu es allergique au rouge ) , des baguettes , et la cuisine de la voisine …. et des fous rires à n’en plus finir .

    Alors fini le ‘globetrotting’ a quand un pied a terre dans cette ville au mille et une merveilles ….

  2. J’aime bien le vain hedonistic day shopping at Galerie Lafayette …. but there is not only the shopping it is the only place in Paris que dis-je in whole Europe where you can find ‘piment baclava ‘ so thanks les galeries … not so vain after all ….

  3. Thanks my Debo ! …. looking forward to some more vain shopping trips with you….maybe the bikinis of Jean Paul Gaulthier? BTW, Ice Man is almost finished.

    The lilliputian pots of the ‘Combava piment’ have reached the bottom, so get some more from Lafayette Gourmet. Even gourmet shop Carlucio in London does not stock this fiery little gem.

    Globetrotting not likely to be over so soon … another decade to go. Maybe this Summer with us in SMX ?

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