World AIDS Day


In August 2007, UNAIDS launched its first blog called HIV This Week. With news, views and reviews on HIV coverage in scientific literature, the blog offers up-to-date insight into scientific developments within the AIDS response as covered in specialist and general medicine journals. The blog includes accompanying editorial notes and also gives visitors the opportunity to make comments about the blog’s issues and contents.
From basic science to community resilience, TB/HIV to stigma, and male circumcision to gender issues – HIV This Week covers a wide range of thematic areas in every edition.
Readers can click on keyword links to find all current and previous information on specific themes and issues covered in the blog. A search function also gives users an additional tool for browsing the site.

For anyone working in the HIV field, HIV This Week provides a mine of information that is easy to digest, simple to use and a critical tool to provide background on the latest scientific developments on AIDS.

Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS (2001)
In 2001 Heads of State and Government Representatives of 189 nations gathered at the first-ever Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly on HIV/AIDS. They unanimously adopted the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS, acknowledging that the AIDS epidemic constitutes a “global emergency and one of the most formidable challenges to human life and dignity.” The Declaration of Commitment covers ten priorities, from prevention to treatment to funding.


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