Who is to blame?


The heart bleeds.


Pointing the finger is easy.

What is the next step?

Wage a war?

NO !

The Indians have outshone with their brillancy and have shaped their country into a modern world order. They can find a more clever solution to defeat their attackers than going to war. Losing their lives, how many times have they done so ? against the invaders…

Not anymore.

Do not let old dogs teach them new tricks. If they all want to go to war, they are confident in the might of their army. But is that all ? Doesn’t the one with force and brains have a better edge over the incredulous and fanatic?.

India is craddle of humanity. Terror phases like this will come and go. Nothing can damage the spirit of its people.

Paul Cornish at the Chatham House thinktank warns us against jumping to conclusions about the militants and their agenda – if they had one. In a piece entitled “Is this the age of celebrity terrorism“, he writes:

Perhaps we have come to the point where casually self-radicalised, sociopathic individuals can form a loose organisation, acquire sufficient weapons and equipment for a few thousand dollars, make a basic plan of action and indulge in a violent expression of their generalised disaffection and anomie. These individuals indulge in terrorism simply because they can, while their audience concocts a rationale on their behalf.


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