Hot Indian Designs


I came across Hot Pink ….

and discovered other wonderful designers’ works ….. I eventually visited Hot Pink while in Jaipur !

Fantastic !

Hot Pink – The first concept store in Jaipur, Rajasthan! A collaboration of Munnu Kasliwal and Marie-Helene de Taillac, Hot Pink offers chic and contemporary fashion from Indian designers, who respect and use traditional Indian techniques.

New blog: Textile Swatches!

Textile Swatches is the space where Seema Krish, an Indian textile designer now living in Boston, shares her passion and knowledge of textiles. Seema is also in the process of launching her own signature collection of decorative fabric products- including pillows, rugs, blankets and throws. All the products will be manufactured in sustainable environments using textile crafts in a contemporary way.

Another mega post, On Demand!

Call them

Indian style bedrooms, or

Bedrooms inspired by India, or

Indian bedrooms

Here they are:

A collection of inspiration for turning your sleep abode into a piece of India!

But wait, this is just Part I of inspiration!

In Part Deux (aka’ next post), I will share ideas on how readers outside India can re-create a mini India in their homes. From resources and stores available to you in your continent!


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