Water needed

Kids enjoying water !

Kids enjoying water !


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The rain forest covers more than a billion acres across Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venazuela, producing more than 20% of the world’s oxygen and containing more than one fifth of the world’s fresh water in its basins. The noble and enormously important idea of conserving this resource must be reconciled with the development issues that are more important to the people who live there. It is not enough for the West to make unequivical demands on developing nations, despite the global value of a rain forest with unmatched bio-diversity, fresh water, and unique oxygen-generating prosperities.

Global Tensions

This struggle between the developed and undeveloped nations of the world clearly exposes a global conflict that will be visited over and again as we grapple with threats to the environment in the future. More of these conflicts between the needs of nations and the need to protect the environment are coming in the Extreme Future, a time when one man’s pollutant will be another man’s salvation. This mismatch between local and global needs is paramount to the issues of climate that will shape the 21st century and beyond. Culture clashes over climate and productivity, over food and land, over water and oceans, will persist as the global competition for scarce resources defines the future existence of those who have and those who have not.


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