Eco-Friendly flooring


I have started adopting green living and yes, it does make a difference. To our own lifestyle and the environment. Many new houses are now using bamboo flooring. The first time I walked into a room with bamboo flooring, I was floored !

It is so sleek, so modern, so neat, and feels incredible under the feet. It comes in a lot of shades from lighter to darker tans as well as colored. You can choose the mat, silky or gloss version.

The modern, environmentally friendly and durable alternative to hardwood is bamboo flooring. Being a grass, as opposed to timber, gives bamboo the edge as a not only a building product (being strong and at the same time flexible), but also as a sustainable resource: wood takes approximately 15-20 years to reach maturity, whereas the non-harmful harvesting of bamboo takes a mere 3 to 5 years. Bamboo has traditionally been the material of choice in most of Asia, and it is only recently that its benefits and environmental properties have begun to be utilised more fully in the west.

The growth in popularity in recent years for wood flooring has increased the burden on already stretched timber resources. Bamboo flooring shares many of the properties that attract discerning customers to hardwood; it’s low maintenance, hard wearing, and looks contemporary while having a timeless appeal; but it is without any of the environmental concerns that are attached to its hardwood counterpart.

Due to its flexibility as a material, bamboo flooring has a broad appeal that can be manipulated to a suit a variety of styles. Its range of applications varies from period homes to offices, designer hotels and bars.

As well as being environmentally sound, bamboo flooring is competitively priced and easy to fit.


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